Machines Album Review


Press play.  That is the best advice I can give to anyone thinking about listening to the new The Young Electric full-length record Machines.  Rooted in the pop/rock movement the tracks on this album stand out far above other offerings in the same vein.  Machines is much more than a few catchy tunes, showcasing their ability to effectively write both upbeat and heavier material.

The transitions throughout the record are smooth and well thought out creating a different experience when listened to strait through rather than as singles, a detail which most bands seem to neglect. 

Machines, the newest offering from The Young Electric

Machines, the newest offering from The Young Electric

Artists in The Young Electric share influences of The Cure, Thrice, and A Wilhelm Scream, but admit to listening to music from Enya to Kanye West.  The wide-spread influences are apparent as the band produces its very own intoxicating sound.

Strong tracks include the band’s singles “Golden” and “Machines.”  The favorite of mine from Machines is “Like a Chemical” which has found its way directly into my everyday playlist.

This album needs to be heard.  It is a shinning example of pop/rock done right.  I’m giving Machines a 5 out of 5 rating.  Easily the best local release I’ve heard in years.

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