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As a local favorite for years under the name “The Trademark” these guys had lit up stages throughout the nation, now they have a new project “The Young Electric,” and they’re through messing around.  The band has a new sound, an expanding fan base, and a new feel.  The explanation behind the change is a bit of maturation, “We started trying to write in a specific genre and really take things seriously.”  I would have to agree, this is serious music on the caliber which we’ve come to expect from the greats in the Utah County local scene.

Never listened to The Young Electric?  You have been doing yourself a great disservice.  The band cites greats like The Cure and Thrice among their influences, but produces a sound all their own.  With music rooted firmly in the pop/rock movement and well written lyrics this young band really shows they have experience as musicians and will be making an impact in both the local and national scene.  That’s not even mentioning the live shows, which are among the best of any band I’ve ever been to.

Utah favorites The Young Electric

Utah favorites, The Young Electric

The energy of the band and the vibe of the music make the entire audience move.  I’ve never once been to a The Young Electric show where the entire crowd wasn’t head banging and dancing throughout the entire set.   Riley, the band’s front man, labels Drew (bassist) as a one man show of his own.  If you have ever experienced a live performance there is no doubting the truth in that.  He has been known to throw around his bass, do flips, and jump off of anything which looks high enough to risk injury.  Their stage presence and overall act has been amplified many times by sharing the stage with great bands like Hawthorne Heights and Me Talk Pretty.

The Young Electric has spent most of its first year as a band touring the nation with Hawthorne Heights, even realizing as we chatted that they have played more shows outside of Utah than in their home state.  In fact, they’ve played in nearly every state.  While here in Utah they have shared the stage with many other Utah favorites including Desert Noises, Allred, and Chance Lewis.  They enjoy being on the road but agree that Utah is the place for them “We love it here.  Once we leave and come back to Utah we realize that this is the place for us.”

TYE GarageIt’s no secret that Utah County has a thriving local music scene and The Young Electric is proud to be a part of it.  When asked why they stay here in Utah, Riley replies “People recognize good music here.” I guess there is nothing better than having people truly appreciate your hard work.  I know I appreciate what The Young Electric has produced and raise a glass to all that is to come in the future.

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